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Food for Thought - 3 DVD set

(Walter Veith - 3 DVDs)

Can you remember what you had for lunch yesterday? Do you think it was a healthy, balanced meal? Many people are so rushed and stressed that they barely put any thought into what they are eating each day. They snack constantly on chips, cookies, and drink soda with their meals. People eat whenever they’re bored, even if they’re not hungry. We have heard a lot about what we should or shouldn’t do, and what we should and shouldn’t eat. What have we heard in the nutritional world that may actually be wrong? 

"You can't get enough protein on a vegan diet." "Soy is bad for you." The Spirit of Prophecy never forbade dairy or eggs!  Have you heard any of these statements before? What is the truth? Watch this series with Walter Veith to look at the issues of healthy-living God’s way. You'll discover insights on: plant protein vs. animal protein, the truth about soy proteins, how health affects your spirituality, how to have a healthy brain, and much more.

  • To Soy or Not to Soy
  • Food for Thought  
  • The Path of Obedience

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