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Growing Healthy Food for Healthy People - DVDs

(Rod Bailey - 2 DVDs)

Where can you find juicy, flavor-filled and ripe-red tomatoes? Crisp and explosively juicy super-sweet corn? Cucumbers with crunch? And rockmelons with such flavour you will never want to eat another supermarket version! In your own backyard! In this introduction to backyard gardening, we want to inspire home gardeners to make the most of each season to grow healthy vegetables that give your family best nutrition and taste. We want you to experience the incredible satisfaction of eating whole meals out of your own backyard garden!

Rod and Desley Bailey have 6 children (8-20yrs old), 4 horses, 2 chooks, a rabbit and a small flock of budgies. Both coming from backyard gardening parents, they made the transition from reluctant teenage “helpers” in their parents gardens to satisfied consumers of their own home-grown food as their family grew. Still learning and “growing” themselves, Desley and the children are currently preparing their garden on the mid-north coast of NSW for the spring flush as Rod hurries to complete their half-built house.

Setting up your backyard home garden:
Position (light, air, water), drainage, proximity, netting, etc.
Climate considerations
Establishing beds (No dig, lawned areas, raised beds, self watering beds, etc)
Small space gardening
Building/buying good soil, soil/nutrient analysis
Fertility and soil cover
Worms and other life (bacteria, microflora, invertebrates, vertebrates, birds, etc)
Tilling the soil

Planting and maintaining your backyard home garden:
Choosing the right varieties for your garden and your enjoyment
Seeds (open source/non hybrid/non gmo/heritage)
Seedlings (growing, buying), cuttings, etc.
Seasonal planting, succession planting, family planting guide
Work scheduling Plant support (staking, trellising, etc) 
Pest and pathogen management
Pushing your seasonal boundaries, etc.
Harvesting for peak nutrition

Cooking Demonstration with Desley and Rod.

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