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Pain: Acceptance, Endurance, Deliverance

(Dr David Bird - 2 DVDs)

  • What is pain? 
  • Which type of pain? 
  • Why am I in pain? 
  • How do I get relief? 
  • When will I get relief? 
David Bird offers insightful and practical answers to this and more questions.

Topics Coverd:
  • Why understanding the cause can be so helpful.
  • Different modalities to ease physical pain. 
  • Emotional & spiritual pain. 
  • Grief. 
  • The benefits of pain.

Now you can find the answers!

Dr David Bird is a practising medical doctor specializing in conditions such as chronic fatigue, burnout, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, Lyme disease & depression. He has a strong belief in integrating the best of orthodox & complementary approaches.

Learn about how to help your family experience pain relief with simple home remedies

Peter Roberts in a therapist at Highwood Health Retreat. He been using natural remedies to relieve pain and other aliments for over 16 years. Peter will be conducting live demonstrations of a range of pain relief remedies.

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