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Soap-Making with Sonica Veith DVD

(Soncia Veith - 2 DVDs)

Join Sonica Veith in these fun, informative step-by-step demonstrations of making soaps and lotions. Homemade soaps and lotions made from pure, natural and nourishing ingredients are not only better for your health, they're also less expensive than commercially prepared products. And, they're fun to make! Even if you've never tried soapmaking before, you're sure to be inspired as Sonica demonstrates the beauty and simplicity of soap- and lotion-making.

Sonica Veith was born in South Africa and is married to Walter Veith, and they have three children and seven
grandchildren. She is actively involved in her husband's ministry and she studied Psychology and Languages
and holds a Bachelor's Degree and a post-graduate Education diploma, as well as an honorary doctorate
in Counseling. She has a passion for music and composing as well as nutrition and creating natural health
and skincare products.

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