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Surviving a Pandemic: Living in Stressful Times DVD

(Jenifer Skues - 1 DVD)

We are living in highly stressful times where we are seeing major global changes and Bible prophecy unfolding rapidly in a very dramatic way.

Jenifer says, Our lives have permanently changed and we need to adapt to these changes.

As a Health Psychologist, Jenifer have found that many people are experiencing very negative health consequences mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually during such uncertain times. 

She says - I am seeing an increase in stress, anxiety, panic and depressive disorders. We are living in a very fearful and traumatic era.

How are you coping with these sudden and potentially life-threatening changes? We need to learn to manage our stress levels, strengthen our immune systems, and look at new survival skills to adapt to this present ongoing situation. 

You will gain beneficial skills and insights to improve your wellbeing and capacity to survive such highly stressful times.

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