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The Weight Connection DVD

(Oscar Sande - 2 DVDs)

The Secret to Healthy Weight Management!

These two monkeys have reached to their elderly years, But the one on the left has a secret! He has the body fat of his younger years and has kept most of his muscle mass and weight. His secret is responsible for the following health benefits: Reduction of blood pressure, blood lipids and inflammation. Increase fat burning, Human Growth Hormone (HGh), and metabolic Rate. Improvement in appetite, blood sugar regulation and neurogenis.

#1 The Dark Side
#2 Weight Right for Your Type
#3 Weight the Hormones 
#4 No Sweat, No Gain
#5 Some Extra Tips
Bonus: Question & Answers

Oscar runs an evidence based clinical practice aimed at helping you achieve better health one step at a time. He focuses on all intestinal disorders, children's nutrition, autism and nutrition, effective weight management, allergies, sensitivities and lifestyle related conditions. 

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