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Your Herbal Home Medicine Chest

(Caleb Armstrong - 1 DVD)

With pharmacist and herbalist, Caleb Armstrong.

Caleb is a pharmacist specializing in compounding and personalised medication and holds a Diploma of Botanical Medicine, as a herbalist. He loves sharing what he has learnt, to help you grow, produce and use safe and effective herbal remedies at home.

Herbs can be a source of food and flavour in the kitchen. They may be weeds in the garden, but they can be turned into effective medicine for simple health issues at home. Caleb will teach us how to use herbs safely in the home. His holistic approach to understanding the relationship between the health of the body, mind and spirit helps build a platform for unlocking the health benefits of herbs whilst respecting how their misuse is able to cause harm.

Caleb has practiced as a pharmacist for nearly 20 years and is currently the hands on proprietor at Seville Village Pharmacy. He studied herbalism to integrate traditional medicine into modern clinical pharmacy, and is currently studying a degree in Pain Management.

He’s been growing high quality herbs for their health benefits at Yarra Ranges Herb Farm for four years producing teas and other health products for medicinal purposes.

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