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Colon Tea 100gm

Our Colon tea contains the following 3 herbs; Cascara, 

Licorice-Medicinal use of licorice dates back to ancient Egypt, where the root was made into a sweet drink for pharaohs. It has also been used in traditional Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Greek medicines to soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, and treat upper respiratory problems. Today, many people utilize licorice root to treat ailments like heartburn, acid reflux, hot flashes, coughs, and bacterial and viral infections. It cleanses the colon and has a bitter sweet taste making this tea more palatable to consume.
The phytochemicals and anti-pathogenic properties of licorice stop a bug from procreating and at the same time push the bug out of the body, making your system as inhospitable as possible for bugs that want to take up residence there. 

Cascara-A wonderful aid for the Colon, Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas. Hepatic, Laxative and Antispasmodic. Cascara is one of the safest laxatives for chronic constipation. It encourages peristalsis by stimulating the bowels. Excellent for intestinal gas, liver and gallbladder problems, especially enlarged liver. Also good for gastric and intestinal disorders, indigestion and jaundice.

Buckthorn-Is a purgative and works without irritating the system. Used for all conditions caused or associated with constipation, including liver and gallbladder problems. It produces no constipative backlash during purgation as some other remedies do, neither does it become less effective with repeated use. It will keep the bowels regulated.

Place 1 tsp in 1 1/2 cups of water and simmer for 10-15 min, cool strain and drink before doing to bed. Can have up to 3 sups a days for severe constipation. 

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