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EASYpH test kit


The EASYpH test kit offers you the following benefits:

Informative and valuable booklet included in EASYpH test kit purchase.  No other pH test in Australia can give you this information. Loaded with information on alkalising, an alkaline food table, and instructions on how to use the EASYpH test kit. The EASYpH test kit and booklet includes all the information you need to get started on achieving acid-alkaline balance! 

• Value for $$ - more than 90 tests per kit
• Convenience – test your pH where and when it suits you
• Choice of testing your urine and/or saliva pH
• Instant acid-alkaline balance result
• Easy to use pH test paper
• Accurate chart in 0.2 increments
• Wide pH range

Have YOU tested yourself yet? 

About acid-alkaline balance

With our modern lifestyle being so busy and stressful, we are likely to eat too much fast food and not eat enough healthy fresh green vegetables. Overeating and living a typical acidic lifestyle where we are consuming unhealthy food such as white bread, sugar, take-aways, soft drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee is the main reason that we become over-acidic.

Why is this important? The acid-alkaline balance of the body is crucial to our overall health. Our bodies are constantly working hard to maintain an ideal pH level to balance our systems.  You test your cholesterol and blood pressure, so now its time to see what's happening on the INSIDE.  pH is the most important measure of your overall health.

pH simply means the ‘potential of hydrogen’. It is the acid to alkaline ratio in gram equivalents per litre and is therefore a measure of your acid-alkaline balance. pH testing offers you a quick, inexpensive and easy way of measuring your overall acid-alkaline balance. Using the EASYpH test kit you can easily check your urine or saliva pH to test your body’s acid-alkaline balance on a daily basis. Once you know where you are within the range, you can adapt your diet and take steps to correct your pH imbalance.

In a natural, healthy state, our bodies are slightly alkaline. This alkaline state is necessary for survival, and the body has developed complex mechanisms to ensure that this balance is maintained. Children are naturally alkaline, and are often able to cope well with eating an imbalanced diet. As we progress into our mature years, stressful lifestyles and poor eating habits mean that we become acidic and our bodies struggle to buffer the acid, leading to chronic acidity.

An imbalanced body pH can be at the root of many common symptoms such as constipation, poor digestion, aches and pains, heartburn, headaches, frequent colds, fatigue, and sleeplessness, to mention just a few.

When you purchase the EASYpH test kit, you receive a booklet which includes valuable information on acid-alkaline balance, weight-loss tips, an alkaline food chart, and much more.
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Benefits of balanced pH

A balanced pH can benefit you in the following ways:

• Promotes healthy body weight
• May aid in prevention and treatment of diabetes
• Promotes proper electrolyte activity and efficient heart function
• May reduce risk of hypertension
• Protects against premature ageing
• Promotes energy, physical vitality and stamina
• Promotes bone health, digestive health and healthy immunity
• Promotes enhanced mental clarity and acuity
• Promotes faster recovery from illness, injury and exertion 
• May reduce the risk of gout
• May also reduce the risk of cancer

The only way you can find out if you are acid, alkaline or correctly balanced, is by testing your pH. Find out how easy it is with the EASYpH test kit! Testing provides the information, and then our excellent booklet explains more about how to achieve your acid-alkaline balance in your body, using food as your remedy.

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