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Tofu Quick & Easy - Revised

(Louise Hagler - 137 pages)

Tofu is one of the most versatile and economical complete protein foods on the planet. The question most people ask about tofu is "What do I do with it?" This revised edition provides 150 recipes.

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The Uses of Water

(J. H. Kellogg - 155 pages)

This book presents a careful and candid account of the nature of water and its physiological effects. It explains the effects of water when used as a remedy for disease and to demonstrate its value as a remedial agent.

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The Medical Missionary Manual

(Vance Ferrell - 423 pages)

A school text book and a working guide to the type of medical missionary work described in the Spirit of Prophecy. God's people are to be genuine medical missionaries, for they are to minister to the needs of both soul and body.

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The Itinerary of a Breakfast

(J. H. Kellogg MD - 202 pages)

Breakfast, some of us eat this meal while others skip it. Some sit down while others eat on the run, but how many people really know what happens to their food once it slips down their throats? Kellogg believed that the colon was the source of more disease and physical suffering.... [Click for more info ->]

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RX Charcoal

(Agatha & Calvin Thrash - 107 pages)

A primer about the worlds most powerful clinical absorbent and its use for numerous medical conditions.

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Of These Ye May Freely Eat

(JoAnn Rachor - 95 pages)

This book contains practical and economical vegetarian recipes, providing you and your family with a menu full of simple, delightful, and tasty meals. Over 250 recipes guaranteed to be cholesterol free.

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Mystical Medicine

(Warren Peters MD - 87 pages)

Today many people are becoming aware of the relationship that exists between the mind, body, and spirit for achieving total health. As a Christian physician with many years of traditional, humanistic, medical and surgical training, I began to awaken to the concept of the "Whole.... [Click for more info ->]

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