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Eight Laws of Health

(Vance Ferrell - 220 pages)

God our Creator has provided, in the simple things of nature, many strengthening and remedial agencies. As we look to Him in faith and use the agencies He has provided for our health, we will have far less suffering and problems.

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Gods Nutritionist Pearls of Wisdom from Ellen White

(Ellen White - 173 pages)

Here are 500 of White s pearls of wisdom words that are as practical, insightful, and moral as they are accurate. Gathered from her many works, these classic quotations beautifully present her beliefs, from her stand as an ardent vegetarian to her view of dairy products. Whether seen as a slice of history, a book of prophetic wisdom, or a relevant guide to everyday life, God s Nutritionist offers both a beacon of light and a path of truth. [Click for more info ->]

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Diabetes & The Hypoglycemic Syndrome

(Agatha Thrash & Calvin Thrash - 312 pages)

Diabetes & The Hypoglycemic Syndrome

Calvin & Agatha Thrash M.D. The Drs. Thrash have combined current scientific information with nearly 40 years of medical experience to produce this practical guide for the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia.

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The Gerson Therapy

(Charlotte Gerson, Morton Walker - 438 pages)

With over 300,000 copies sold, The Gerson Therapy paved the way for alternative cancer treatments and has successfully treated Cancer, Hepatitis, Migraines, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and Autoimmune diseases with a revolutionary all-natural program.
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