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Live Longer, Live Better, Syllabus + DVD series

(Jim Brackett - 6 DVDs)

Special pack with the Live Better Live Longer Syllabus + the DVD series. The Syllabus contains a print-out of all the slides used in Jim's presentations.

Jim Brackett: health educator and presenter of the international Live Longer - Live Better health seminars.

Neva: registered nursing sister and nutrition demonstrator.

Jim Brackett’s presentations on health go right to the core of our daily living and how it establishes a platform from which we can be happy and serve our Creator.

Disc Titles:
  1. Cooking Demonstration 1 (52min), Cooking Demonstration 2 (51min)
  2. What’s Fat for You and What Isn’t (87min)
  3. You Can Lose Weight Without Starving! (65min)
  4. The Heart of the Matter (65min)
  5. What is This Thing Called Diabetes (79min)
  6. DNA, Cancer and How You CanDramatically Lower Your Risk (75min)

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