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Powerful Cancer-Fighting Foods

(Pauline White - 377 pages)

After seeing her father suffer through a seemingly endless number of X-rays, operations, chemotherapy, and radiation for his cancer—all to no avail—he eventually passed away. Still in shock from what she had witnessed, and in disbelief that harsh pharmaceutical medications were the only way, author Pauline White looked for another answer. Then, what began as a quest to find natural alternatives to treat this dreaded disease, the information that she discovered grew into a broader understanding of how the body works and what natural foods can be used to enhance the body’s own immune system in combating cancer, which is reversible. This sourcebook is not only for people who are fighting cancer, but for people plagued with many other maladies. It contains useful suggestions on how to prepare foods for the highest nutritional benefit. The ideas and suggestions can be tailored to an individual’s personal health and dietary needs.

Today, many people believe that if they pop a multivitamin then they are getting all the nutrition they need. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth and assumes that human beings know exactly what nutrients should be distilled for use. Yet, there is a better way! The author describes impressive scientific discoveries that reveal new hidden benefits in natural, whole food products. She also delves into remarkable recent research regarding the role of cancer stem cells in the spread of cancer in the body.

Powerful Cancer-Fighting Foods is written simple enough for the layman but impressive enough for the dietary professional, covering a wide array of beneficial elements in food that most readers will have been unaware of.

About the Author

Pauline White, U. Cert. W.P.B.N. is a: devoted Christian; natural whole plant-foods gourmet master chef; functional nutritional therapy practitioner; lifestyle educator; health analyst; food therapist; consumer health freedom advocate; medical missionary; wellness coach; passionate health activist, and natural holistic health researcher for over 38 years in integrative non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic and acute illnesses. She grew up in Kent, about 50 miles from London, and writes with a keen interest in the health of her readers.

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