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Making Archaeology Biblical

(Vance Ferrell - 288 pages)

Ever since the late 1930s, a misleading dating theory has incorrectly dated Near Eastern Archaeological discoveries - so they do not agree with Biblical facts.You are going to learn what these dating errors are and how, by correcting them, archaeological evidence nicely agrees with Biblical events. In this book you will find powerful evidence that the Bible stands vindicated as the most accurate, ancient history book that mankind has ever had! [Click for more info ->]

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Lavender Moistuiser Cream

Our most popular product. It is top quality with a superb fragrance and a soft smooth non greasy consistency. It may be used on the hands,face and body.Many customers with skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis report success in using it to relieve their conditions. Other customers have told us that it’s the only cream they have ever been able to use.

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A Divine Design Magazine

(Amazing Facts - 47 pages)

A Divine Design traces the history and reveals the purpose of the Old Testament sanctuary, from the wilderness tabernacle to the New Jerusalem. Share with others how God has a plan, presented in the temple services, to eradicate sin from the universe forever! [Click for more info ->]

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The Jack Blanco Story DVD

(Network Media Centre - 1 DVD)

The Jack Blanco Story DVD

This is a captivating documentary revealing God's hand in the life and ministry of Jack and Marion Blanco.

Jack was a fatherless young boy who longed for a role model in his life. After miraculously escaping the labor camps in Germany and returning to the States, Jack enlisted and was stationed in Guam. It was here that he met the Father who would be his forever Dad.

He authored The Clear Word, a Bible paraphrase. [Click for more info ->]

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