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The Amazing Power of Forgiveness

(Doug Batchelor - 91 pages)

In The Amazing Power of Forgiveness, Pastor Doug Batchelor leads you through a practical, biblical study about guilt and forgiveness. You will better understand your own need for forgiveness, learn to overcome barriers to forgiveness, grasp the difference between guilt and shame, and much more in this hope-filled book. [Click for more info ->]

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Behold the Lamb!

(Jayne Dold - 256 pages)

This book addresses this ‘queen’ of Bible subjects in a very particular way. It is faithful to the principles of Scripture and will lead the reader to find personal assurance in knowing Christ as a Saviour and a Restorer.” – Pr Dennis Priebe, Teacher, Author, Dennis Priebe Ministries, California, USA [Click for more info ->]

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