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Vision of Heaven Music CD

(Christian Berdahl - 1 CD)

By Christian Berdahl, A musical program in song and narration taking God’s people on a journey to Heaven, the Temple, and the New Jerusalem. Let the words of inspiration and spirit-filled music lift your heart and mind to Heavenly themes. Ten songs complete with a wonderful narration of what Heaven holds in store for each of us.

This is taken from Ellen White's first dream when God's people moved along the road to the heavenly city.

1. Overture
2. In This Very Room 
3. The Refiner’s Fire 
4. Joy in the Journey 
5. Embrace the Cross 
6. Immanuel 
7. My Redeemer is Faithful 
8. El Shaddai 
9. The New Jerusalem 
10. I Will Bring You Home

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