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Uplifting Worship CD

(Mantovani's Orchestra - 1 CD)

Achieving Peak Mental Performance!

The frontal lobe is the crown of the brain, and whenever it fails to function optimally, the likelihood of adverse mental and physical consequences emerges. Scientific evidence reveals that the frontal lobe is enhanced by worship and by uplifting classical music. When uplifting worship music is combined with meaningful reflective thought, the frontal lobe is in high gear and is deeply strengthened. This musical CD was selected by Neil Nedley, M.D. to lead the reflective listener to peak mental performance. To help with reflective thought, the words of the spiritual poems that were put to this music are included in the insert. One important note: unlike some classical music that is not very beneficial as background music, this CD can also be played as background music and will produce some beneficial brain effects even in this venue. However, for the greatest benefit, listen to one selection daily. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in this wonderful music. Listen actively, and let the music talk to you. Think of the goals and plans you have for your life. What do you see yourself doing> What are you hearing? Allow it to soothe, empower, and strengthen your brain.

Conductor, composer, violinist, and pianist Mantovani was one of the most popular classical artists of the last 100 years. His trademark "cascading strings" effect gave him an instantly recognizable sound, and his heavy reliance on the string section helped map out the blueprint for music that can be enjoyed by all.

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