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Leadership and End Time Prophecy

(Walter Veith - 1 DVD)

What can we learn from Old Testament stories in the times when God was the sovereign, supreme leader?

The story of Deborah has a particular application to the time in which we’re living and depicts an eschatological war where God directly intervened to destroy the enemy. It’s a type of what will happen at the end of time. The enemies of God are worldly-wise, with military power to back them up but God’s people, each called individually, have work to do. Although they seem to be badly outnumbered and weak, God will intervene and gain the victory and a woman (symbolically, the church) will get the glory. But how can we fight the battles of the Lord if we are not equipped with the knowledge God has given us for this time?

How do the symbols apply to the times in which we’re living? Why were there “great searchings of heart” in Reuben? Why was Jael “blessed above women”? And why did the angel of the Lord curse the inhabitants of Meroz, who were also considered to be the people of God? What will the difference be between those who are blessed by God and those who are cursed? Are there similarities between these women of the Bible and our present-day church? How does Ellen White fit into all of this? Learn what the typology of the story of Deborah can teach us about the leadership of God’s remnant.

1 hour 15 minutes

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