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#280 The Foundations of Many Generations Part 2 / Repairing the

(Walter Veith - 1 DVD)

There is no other foundation upon which the true church of Christ can be built other than that which is Christ Jesus. But as world religions embrace each other in apparent unity, the character of God has to be maligned and blasphemed. In this lecture, Walter Veith compares some doctrines of Catholicism, such as immortality, hell, the abolition of Biblical health principles, and works, which make the ministry of Christ of none effect. We compare these doctrines to those of the Koran to show that the two religions share the same principles and the same doctrines to the exclusion of truth. Actual statements of Catholicism are compared with the Koran to show the true character of these religious systems. This lecture serves as a bastion for God’s people to avoid the snares of a new universalism that is raising its head even amongst our people.

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