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All The Way My Saviour Leads Me DVD set

(Walter Veith - 2 DVDs)

Walter Veith is the first speaker with whom Amazing Discoveries partnered to help spread the truth about God. He has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his visually documented Amazing Discoveries seminar series to large, enthusiastic crowds. He spent years as an atheist, married the daughter of an occultist, then finally converted to Seventh-day Adventism. 

Sonica Veith’s life was destined down a path she could not have foreseen. Born into a family steeped in the occult, her father a renowned man in occult circles, as a child she experienced occult phenomenon as an everyday occurrence. But God had different plans for her. Married to a scientist passionate about his work, and adamant that evolution was the answer to origins, she journeyed through ups and downs as God led her to Himself and His Truth. How has God shaped Walter and Sonica Veith’s life? Hear the Veiths’ fascinating life stories from childhood to their present day ministry. 

DVD Descriptions: 

980A: Walter and Sonica Veith review their childhoods, their different family backgrounds, and the way in which they were brought together. The first part of All the Way my Saviour Leads Me chronicles the journey from youth, schooling, marriage, and the surprising challenges of their youngest child. Listen to how a former Catholic-turned-atheist and a daughter of an occultist comes to believe the Truth. (1 hour, 39 minutes)

980B: In the second part of All the Way my Saviour Leads Me, Walter and Sonica describe all the difficulties they’ve faced as new Adventists and how God was true in keeping them through each ordeal. From car accidents, farm incidents, to job loss and crisis, God worked things out in His way in the Veiths’ lives. The Veiths describe their slow but sure progression towards Jesus Christ, the challenges they’ve faced along the way, and all the lessons they’ve learned that have grown their faith. (1 hour, 6 minutes)

980C: In the third part of All the Way my Saviour Leads Me, the Veiths discuss their close encounters with the occult. Listen and learn about how God protected them as they started doing evangelism and researched spiritism. In fact, God made them stronger in Him after these astounding occurrences. Also, Walter describes his early evangelistic efforts with Francois DuPlessis and the challenges he faced. Finally hear about all the different ways God spoke to the Veiths, through mysterious meetings and encounters with different exceptional and distinctive people. Also includes the bonus feature “Sonica’s Songs and Stories,” with Sonica Veith describing her experiences with God as an evangelist’s wife. (55 minutes)

980D: In the fourth part of All the Way my Saviour Leads Me, the Veiths reveal all the difficult times in South Africa. From health issues, mass riots, shootings, and beatings in university lectures, see how the Veiths overcame these experiences and grew even stronger in their faith. How did these experiences prepare them for Christian opposition? Then see how the Veiths made slow changes to their diet. Moving from their familiar meat-dishes, see how they sacrificed wine and animal proteins in favor of lasting health. Making use of his university resources, hear how Walter learned about the irrefutable benefits of a vegan diet. Includes the bonus feature “A Peculiar People,” with Sonica Veith describing her interaction and experience with an interesting group of people in South Africa. (1 hour)

980E: In the fifth part of All the Way my Saviour Leads Me, see how the Veiths learned the true meaning of Matthew 6:33; “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” From dealing with mounting money troubles, loss of assets, and troubling lawsuits, the Veiths learn to rely and depend solely on God in order to achieve peace. Finally, hear how God has a thousand miraculous methods to get His message across. (54 minutes)

980F: In the final part of All the Way my Saviour Leads Me, Walter discusses his controversial last visit to Germany. Why did God permit these troubling times? Also, see how the Veith’s persistence and search for truth led them to very interesting discoveries. The Veiths chronicle their most important evangelistic series overseas, and the ways in which God led them. (58 minutes)

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