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The Book of Hebrews - Substance & Shadow - DVDs

(Walter Veith - 4 DVDs)

The book of Hebrews is a book about the centrality of Christ. The Jewish economy, feasts and rituals served as types and shadows of the plan of salvation as it is encapsulated in Christ, the substance of all their shadows.

The book of Hebrews links the Old and the New Testaments into a harmonious whole and serves as a road map of the plan of salvation and if heeded would guard against the many pitfalls that encumber the proclamation of the Gospel for our time.

About the Speaker:
Professor Walter Veith dedicated his life to Biblical study and research. For the past 30 years, he has travelled the world, sharing his discoveries with thousands of people. His messages, with the Bible alone as his standard, attracted thousands to attend his lectures. He is a teacher, author, lecturer and Protestant
Reformer. With truly incredible life experiences, he challenged thousands to study the Bible and base their faith on the Bible alone.

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