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The Commandments and the Faith of Jesus

(Walter Veith - 1 DVD)

Is the Bible up to interpretation? Can we read it and each glean a different meaning one from another? Starting during the Reformation, the focus was on the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. That was it! That was all!Those were our marching orders, that was our test. You could see a true believer and follower if they obeyed the commandments and the faith of Jesus. But somehow through the ages, that doctrine is no longer pivotal. Today, every wind of doctrine is blowing through the church.Today, the king of the north and other authority figures seem to be introducing new tests. Doesn’t it make sense that the enemy will introduce different winds of doctrine to divert our minds from the central theme of Jesus? 

In this lecture with Walter Veith we will investigate the huge difference between faith IN Jesus, and the faith OF Jesus. We will see how the mark of the beast has confused people and messed with the key commandments so much that we no longer know what to focus on. The Bible is not up to interpretation. There is one meaning, one message, one ruler, one Jesus. There is no room for Rome, there is no room for the commandments of another counterfeit system. As we continue we will see how the Sabbath day has again become a contentious issue. The Sabbath commandment seems simple, but it is actually the main commandment that the enemy will try to circumvent. The day that Rome hates the most is actually the day of our salvation! Let us get back to the basics and preach what we have always been preaching. Forget the mixed doctrines, forget the interpretation of religious leaders and simply study and read your Bible, and follow the Commandments and the Faith of Jesus. 
62 Minutes

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