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The Herodian Mind Part 1 & 2 DVD's

(Walter Veith - 1 DVD)

We know our society has rules. If these rules coincide with the rules of the Bible, then we do not come into conflict. However, when our culture disagrees with the Word of God, we often have a Herodian Mind about important issues. What does this imply? Consider that we are not to put our trust in Herod - who held great political power in Biblical times - but we ought to put our faith and hope in Jesus. There are modern equivalents of Herod today, but can we recognize them? Walter Veith reveals different deities and how these religious structures have evolved to rule over our modern culture, shadowing the true God. 

Veith warns us to recognize the symbols of the false religions, in order to discern truth from error. Veith, with further evidence from scholars and literary analysts, extrapolates the marks and actions of different religious figures and gods. Walter Veith delves deeper into history, speaking about different false religions that all follow this Herodian mind. Discover what it means to reconcile our worldly laws with God’s law. Part 1 of 2. 

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