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#271 Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus / Repairing the Breach (DVD)

(Walter Veith - 1 DVD)

The lecture deals with the centrality of Christ in the plan of salvation. Compromise regarding the reconciliation of man with God apart from Christ is impossible. It is impossible to be reconciled to God other than through Christ. Therefore religious movements that seek reconciliation with God by other means are not entering in through the door but are climbing in through some other way. The Bible plainly teaches that this is contrary to the plainest teachings of Scripture. Moreover, salvation is Christ-centered and righteousness can be obtained only through Him. Man can do nothing without Christ, and any effort exerted for improvement of character emanates from Christ and not from man .Without imputed and imparted righteousness, man stands condemned before a holy God. These doctrines are central to Christianity and any attempt to minimize them or to downplay the divinity of Jesus Christ is contrary to Scripture. Attempts to create a fusion of world religions of necessity would have to bring Jesus Christ down to the level of the founders of these world religions and therefore fall outside the plan of salvation as no one can come to the Father except by Him.

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