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What's Up Prof - Season 1 DVD set

(Walter Veith - 4 DVDs)

This is a new discussion show by Prof Walter Veith, hosted by Martin Smith. It's aim to informally discuss current events from around the world with Walter Veith and how it pertains to prophecy.

Season 1 Episodes:
  1. American Election Campaign
  2. Religious Freedom, Persecution & The Coronavirus
  3. Coronavirus, Noahide Laws, End Time
  4. Mark Of The Beast, RFID Chip, Little Time Of Trouble
  5. Which Bible? Part 1
  6. Which Bible? Part 2
  7. What do we believe, why do we believe it?
  8. Is This The End? Part 1 (2 Hour In Depth Study) 
  9. Is This The End? Part 2
  10.  QAnon, Dr. Fauci, Deep State, Spirit of Prophecy 
  11. Double Blind, What Is The Agenda For The World?
  12. Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh
  13. The Great Disappointment, 1844 & The Sanctuary 
  14. Guidelines For Discernment

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