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What's Up Prof - Season 3 DVD set

(Walter Veith - 4 DVDs)

This is a new discussion show by Prof Walter Veith, hosted by Martin Smith. It's aim to informally discuss current events from around the world with Walter Veith and how it pertains to prophecy.

Season 1 Episodes:
  1. Conspiracy Theories - Part 1: Depopulation, UFO's
  2. Conspiracy Theories - Part 2: Get Out of the Cities, Age of Reason, Two Witnesses
  3. Conspiracy Theories - Part 3: New Normal, Human Enhancement
  4. Vaccines and the Mark
  5. USA "We Want God", Israel & UAE Peace Agreement
  6. Who is the Rider on White Horse? Who are the 144,000?
  7. Prophets, Miracles, Signs and Wonders
  8. Israel of God, Lord's Day, Sabbath in the End TImes
  9. Prophetic Movements - Part 1: "Doomsday Clock, Amy C. Barrett, 2020 UN Speeches
  10. Prophetic Movements - Part 2: The Return & Pray March At the Washington Mall 

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