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Without Me You Can Do Nothing DVD

(Walter Veith - 1 DVD)

If we rejected Jesus the first time He walked on this earth, do you think we’re prepared to accept Him at His second coming? Might we reject Him all the more after 2,000 years of sin? So why is it that human beings choose to continually spurn and shun Him? Listen as Walter Veith proposes that we have an ongoing battle in our minds. If our salvation starts in the mind, how can we defend our minds against the devil’s attack? A possible solution is to “Metanoia,” meaning to think differently, to reconsider, to adopt a new paradigm, and to change our perspective. 

Veith shows us how we have been struggling to maintain goodness within us over the centuries, and how Jesus Christ is the only way to free ourselves from the battle of mind against mind. Veith smartly proposes that we can defend ourselves with Christian morals, that’ll defend us against the evil powers that might try and sneak into our minds. Veith implores us to run to the living Jesus, instead of temporary earthly substitutes for happiness. But we are unable to escape death without Jesus. We cannot do it ourselves, as we so often try to do. We can only achieve freedom and salvation through Jesus. Truly, without Him, we can do nothing. 

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