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Parenting & Homeschool

How to Raise the Remnant

(Scott Ritsema - 3 DVDs)

In his first parenting seminar, Raising the Remnant, author and speaker, Scott Ritsema reported on the latest research on Christian parenting. We now know what successful Christian parents are like! But, it begs the question: How? How do we apply the findings from these studies in our own homes? [Click for more info ->]

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Captivated - Movie DVD

(Media Talk 101 - 1 DVD)

“Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by screens. Have we entered a Techno utopia or a virtual prison?” Producer and co-director, Phillip Telfer, asks this and other pertinent questions in the new documentary “Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture”. [Click for more info ->]

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