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The Dragon's Social Engineering and Thought Control DVD

(Scott Ritsema - 1 DVD)

Satan and his agents are using whatever they can to shape the thinking of the masses and even Christ’s followers.  His efforts intensify as we move towards compliance with whatever Satan has next planned and ultimately Sunday worship.  

Scott says – The founder of modern PR and advertising once stated, "We are the ones who pull the wires that control the public mind."  And the founders of modern schooling likewise declared that the schools of the world are for creating "automatons," "subsuming the individual," and rendering the youth "incapable of thinking or acting".   In a word, to "destroy free will."

Media and worldly schooling have indeed captured the minds of a generation, but God has given us the keys to unlock the chains!

1. Tech Wizards of Digital Pharmakeia

2. Mass Formation Groupthink and Revelation 13

3. Questions and Answers

Scott Ritsema is Director of Belt of Truth Ministries and 11th Hour Despatch. He is an educator, writer, and speaker with a passion for the present truth.  In 2014 Scott left the teaching profession to answer God's call into full-time ministry. His seminars (Media on the Brain, The Media Mind, etc.) have been featured at GYC and ASI conventions, as well as on satellite TV and radio both inside and outside the Adventist Church.

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