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Competitive Christianity

(Wes Peppers - 1 DVD)

In a culture where sports reign supreme, are the games we play just innocent fun that builds character, or do they play a more significant role in the Great Controversy than we realize? Is it possible that they impact our lives in a way that could lead to a competitive attitude with each other in church? Discover in this DVD what the Bible says about how a Christian should relate and respond to a world consumed by competitiveness.
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Broken to Breakthrough

(Christian Berdahl - 3 DVDs)

This testimony chronicles the life of one family’s amazing passage in finding healing with God. Christian and his loved ones put the past behind them and embraced the journey from Broken to Breakthrough, finding joy, peace, and purpose in this life and the eternal life to come! [Click for more info ->]

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Video Trailer


(Oscar Sande - 1 DVD)

Oscar shares a powerful story of his hometown in Spain. Paralleling the amazing experience of
a prison guard held hostage, he explains the captivity that the ‘dragon’ wants to hold us in and the freedom that Jesus offers. [Click for more info ->]

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Coming Out: Former Gays Testify of God’s Saving Love

(Steve Wohlberg - 3 DVDs)

White Horse Media’s new 13-part series, Coming Out: Former Gays Testify of God’s Saving Love, tackles this emotionally-charged issue with kindness and compassion, yet without compromising Scripture. Saturated with “aha!” moments, each program is engaging, enlightening, and redemptive, and is rooted in the personal experiences of three former gays who have ‘been there and done that.’ They know. They've struggled. They've been rescued. Their powerful stories can help anyone struggling with same-sex attraction—including your own friends or loved ones. [Click for more info ->]

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