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Kenya Mission Report DVD

(Desley Bailey - 1 DVD)

Desley Bailey and 14 year old daughter Hannah were blessed, but deeply challenged, by their experiences in Kenya as medical missionaries. 

They arrived at an outstation where hundreds of desperate Kenyans of all ages had gathered after walking for hours with the hope of treatment.  They watched that number swell to 2000 as the news of their arrival spread!   They were overwhelmed by the feeling of knowing that some of these desperate people, with no other prospect of help, could simply not be helped because the need was greater than could be met by the overwhelmed Desley and Hannah. They trusted in God to help them. He did.

They met many, many people whose lives have been scarred by unspeakable wartime and cultural atrocities, but who have purposed to forgive and live with resolve, and to hope in God’s goodness.

Desley and Hannah were blessed by the folks they came to help!

What lessons can we learn from their experience?  

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