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Juice Your Way to Fabulous Health

(Steve Wohlberg - 31 pages)

Juice Your Way to Fabulous Health opens with this statement: “Have you heard the news? Purchasing a juicer; squeezing fresh juices from raw carrots, beets, celery, kale, lemons, apples, and grapes; and ‘juice fasting’ have suddenly gone mainstream.” Truly the experience of many who have incorporated a juice fast into their lives have greatly benefitted their health, including the author’s. “Juicing” has become so popular that it is the substance of books, web sites, and film. 

Building on his pocket book, Fabulous Health Made Simple, Steve Wohlberg offers nutritional science, biblical reference, experience, and counsel when it comes to juicing raw fruits and vegetables. His disdain for “popping a pill” drove his quest to discover a way to regain his health naturally. A researcher at heart, he uncovered the information he needed, and with the advice of a professional juicing counselor, he ultimately purged his system of the toxins that caused his blood pressure numbers to rise to dangerous levels. You too can enjoy the advantages shared in this little booklet.

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