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The Coming Judgments of God

(Steve Wohlberg - 32 pages)

Judgment. Many see it as punishment. Is it really? Or is it God’s mercy?

Is retribution how our merciful God metes out the consequences for wrongdoing? 

Even in the perfection of the Garden of Eden, God offered fair counsel. He warned Adam and Eve what the parameters were. He informed them of the consequences. Still, they chose to step outside the boundary protecting them.

The Ten Commandments handed down at Sinai continue to be for our protection. Down through the centuries and millennia, man continues to violate God’s safeguard. We spiral downward as each day passes. 

In the past God has warned people of every tongue and creed of pending doom. Some listened. Most didn’t. Today, we are being urged to heed the admonitions that intensify as time elapses. 

Despite our rebellion, God implemented a plan. God loves us to the point that He allowed His only Son to stand in our stead. To take the punishment for us so that we might live.

Examine past judgments to know the future. Then choose Jesus Christ today.

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