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Trick or Truth sharing tracts (100 pack)


Sold in quantities of 100 tracts per packet.

Halloween. Ghosts and goblins. Tombstones. Bats. Spiders. Witches. It all seems harmless enough, even fun. Right?

Think about it. Really? Are things that represent the devil really harmless?

Think about those who have died because of the wickedness that surrounds us every day. Even the famous die, increasingly because of evil. Drug overdoses. Suicide. Murder. What about you? Chances are good that you too will die one day. Will it be because of something sinister? Or natural causes? Even natural causes were never in God’s Plan A. Nevertheless, we can have the answers to that often asked question: “Why am I here?” Of course, we have many other deep-rooted questions.

You can have answers to those questions, as well as life’s other earnest questions. Those answers come from God Himself. He wrote us a letter—the Holy Bible. It has all the answers. It tells us that we don’t have to live in a ghoulish world. Even in a wicked world, we can have the hope of a bright future.

We can know what the future holds. God intends to return us to Plan A. He will wipe away every tear. He offers eternal life to each of us. No darkness. No death. Eternal life!

Trick or Truth is a small tract that is perfect for you to share with all the witches and warlocks who knock on your door on October 31. Stop tricking people with sweets that does nothings for their souls. Give them the truth. Show them that they too can put the darkness of this world behind them. Give them the opportunity to choose Christ today.

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