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Pr Austin Cooke's Complete CD Sermon Collection in Zipper Album

(Austin Cooke - 40 CDs)

Pr Austin Cooke's Complete Audio Sermon Collection in zipper album. 

On Saturday evening, August 8, at the age of 98, Pastor Cooke passed to his rest. After a difficult childhood, and then finding the Advent message as a teenager, Pastor Cooke dedicated his life to preaching and defending the ‘Present Truth’ of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His life was one of energetic and passionate commitment to Jesus. He was an outstanding evangelist working both in Australia and New Zealand.

1A Lost Cities of the Dead
1B Startling Disclosures of a Lost Age

2A The Secrets of God’s Kingdom
2B The Destiny of the Nations (Daniel Ch 2)

3A Was Jesus of Nazareth the True Messiah?
3B What is the Difference between Jesus Christ and All Other Religions?

4A Why It Is Impossible to Destroy the Jews?
4B Secrets of Outer Space. Are Other Worlds Inhabited?

5A 3000 Year Old Secrets of Health
5B Love, Courtship and Marriage How It Can Be Successful

6A Can a Man Trust His Conscience?

6B The Greatest prediction Christ Ever Made. (Exposition of Matthew 24)

7A Why Do the Innocent Suffer? The Origins of Evil. Did a Good God make a Bad World?
7B Who Crucified Jesus? The Seven Parties Responsible.

8A The Great Reunion Day. When We Meet Again Our Beloved Dead
8B The Secret of personal Power and Peace of Mind.

9A St Peter and the Keys: Who Holds Them Today?
9B The Man Who Existed Before He Was Born. (Christ’s Appearance in the Old Testament)

10A The Seven Seals of Revelation and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

10B Reincarnation: True or False?

11A God’s Cartoon of the Nations and the Great Antichrist of Bible Prophecy

11B Who Changed the Sabbath From Saturday to Sunday

12A Perils of the Occult: Witchcraft, Black Magic and Astrology
12B Hellfire: Farce or Furnace? Will God Torment Men Forever?

13A Creation or Evolution?
13B Which day is the Sabbath and Why?

14A Why Christ Rose From the Dead on Sunday?

14B Why the Rabbis Have Cursed Daniel Ch 9

15A Does God’s grace Annul His Law?

15B Who Broke the sacred heart of Christ?

16A Which Law Was Nailed to the Cross?
16B Did the Pope Change the Sabbath to Sunday?

17A Who Are the Spirits in Spiritualism?

17B Not available.

18A How Did Seventh-day Adventists Originate? (Exposition of Revelation Ch 10)
18B Seven Steps to Heaven: How to Be Ready for the Advent.

19A Antichrist Attacks the Gospel
19B God Sets a date: 2300 days of Daniel Ch 8: 14

20A Spiritual Gifts: Are They For the Church?

20B Speaking in Tongues. Is It of God or a Counterfeit?

21A What Happens to My Soul at Death?
21B Hell’s Two Unanswered Prayers: The Rich Man and Lazarus of Luke Ch 16

22A Indisputable Signs of the Return of Christ
22B The Mystery of the Prehistoric World

23A When God Seals His Saints in Their Foreheads (Revelation Ch 7)

23B Objections Answered on the Sabbath Question.

24A Moscow or Rome. Who Will Win? The Man With the Number ‘666’.
24B The ominous Future of the USA. (Revelation Ch 8: 11 to 17)

25A The Final Wind-up of Human History

25B The Strange Origin of Christmas, Easter and Lent

26A The Mark of the beast: In the Forehead or In the Hand.

26B God’s Final message to men before Christ’s Return

27A Grace and Glory!

27B Who Is the Israel of God Today?

28A Is There One True Church? (Revelation Ch 12)

28B Church Union! It’s Ominous Significance to true Christians

29A Millions Will Search for the Bible and Will Not Find It! Why?
29B Impossible for God To Do. What and Why?

30A Where Is God’s Temple Today? Do We Need a Priest?
30B Will the Saints Stand in Judgement?

31A Baptism: Sprinkling or Immersion?
31B The Return of Elijah the Prophet

32A Vegetarianism: Why Do Seventh-day Adventists Advocate It In Some Countries.
32B Killing the Living and preserving the Dead; Alcohol and the Bible.

33A The Scarlet Woman on the Seven Headed Beast (Revelation Ch 17)

33B The Seven Last Plagues: When Will They Come? How to Escape Them?

34A Do Men Receive Visions From God Today?
34B Nine Tests of a True Prophet.

35A How Should the Sabbath Be Observed in Modern Times
35B The Protestant Purgatory!

36A The Secret of Financial Success

36B Three Men Who Will Be Barred from Heaven! 

37A The Unpardonable Sin. Why God Can Not Forgive It.
37B The Three Crosses of Calvary. How They Involve You and Me.

38A The Three Powers That Will lead the World to Armageddon.
38B The 144, 000! Timely Truth For Today.

39A ‘I Will Put Enmity Between Thee and the Woman’
39B Life Only In Christ. Objections Answered Regarding Death.

40A The Triune God: How May Three Persons Comprise One God?

40B The Holy Spirit: Divine Power or Divine Person?

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