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Pr Conrad Vine DVD with 5 Sermons

(Conrad Vine - 1 DVD)

5 sermons by Pr Conrad Vine on end-time topics. 

1. COVID-19 and the Final Persecution
2. Karl Marx, Social Justice Warriors and the Gospel
3. Men, Porn and the Gospel
4. Truth, Tragedy and Transgenderism
5. Is Love All You Really Need?

Who is Pastor Conrad Vine?
Born into a pastoral family, Pr. Conrad grew up with his twin brother and two sisters in homes across the UK.

After graduating with a business management degree, he served in the UK public healthcare system before God led him to ADRA.  Initially, he served in Azerbaijan. Pr. Conrad served in a variety of roles worldwide with ADRA until 2002.

Following seminary training at Newbold College he and his wife, Luda, began their pastoral ministry in London, UK. Then after a stint in the Middle East Union, they served in pastoral ministry for 4 years in Minnesota.  Following this Pr. Conrad answered the call to serve as President of Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM).

Pr. Conrad is an ordained minister of the gospel in the SDA Church.  Conrad and Luda were married in December 1999 and regard their marriage as a personal blessing from a loving Heavenly Father. 

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