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Australian Omega Emerging

(Operation Iceberg - 3 DVDs)

What is "Operation Iceberg"?

Operation Iceberg was launched at the Sacramento Central SDA Church, USA, in Oct 2014. It was a powerful and revealing symposium alerting Adventists worldwide to identify and resist the inroads of the Omega deception practices. 

We are living in the end time of history. The ‘omega of apostasy’, as referred to by Ellen White, is increasingly prevalent in ecumenical worship practices.  It is impacting Adventism.  Being forewarned is being forearmed to identify it and respond appropriately when it comes knocking on the door of your church.

Danny Strever

Danny  is president of Philippians Two Five Publishing.  He undertakes special projects for Remnant Publications.  He has worked extensively with Paster Ron Goss in coordinating outreach efforts at major public events.  He was a Publishing Leader and a Literature Evangelist for 30 years throughout the USA.  He is Co-Director of Operation Iceberg held at the Sacramento Central SDA church last October and a Last Generation for Christ Co-Director.

Jonathan Zirkle

Jonathan has been an Assistant District Attorney (criminal prosecutions) in the USA.  Since his conversion he completed the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism long course. He is presently the legal counsel to Weimar Institute and a Weimar Institute board member, and he is Director of Advent Hope (producer of Audio Verse) in Loma Linda, CA. Advent Hope is a notable training school for SDA Ministry leaders and speakers. Jonathan is also a writer and public speaker

Diamond Garcia

Diamond Garcia has been a colporteur for 6 years, and now is an apprentice at  Remnant Publications. He has presented four evangelistic seminars and spoken at multiple other venues.  His primary mission is to uplift Jesus Christ and vindicate the Father’s loving character to the world!

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