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Revelation 13 and Papal Attitudes to Religious Liberty DVD

(Conrad Vine - 1 DVD)

Religious liberty? Everyone is talking about religious liberty these days. Yet, what does it mean? What is its significance for modern society in 2023?

The catholic church promotes and supports the concept of the common good. Pope leo xiii in rerum novarum, p 36, established that to own goods privately... Is a right natural to man, and to exercise this right, especially life and society, is not only lawful: but also clearly necessary... But if the question be asked: how aught man to use his possessions, the church replies without hesitation: as to this point, man ought not to regard external goods as his own, but as common. 

Other popes over time have developed the doctrine of the common good. Pr. Vine traces the development of this concept up to today in 2023 and explains its implications for us as we live now, and step into the future. Our rights are determined by how the catholic church defines common good at any point in time.

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