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Sure Word of of Prophecy camp 2018 - Complete Set

(Pr Stephen Bohr, Joshua White, Pr Hal Mayer, Elvis Placer - 5 DVDs)

9 presentations by Pr Stephen Bohr - "The Sure Word of Prophecy" 
7 presentations by Joshua White - "Educating the Army: Preparing Earth’s Final Generation"
1 presentation by Pr Hal Mayer - "The Prophetic Secrets behind the Election of Donald Trump"
2 presentations by Elvis Placer - "A More Sure Word of Scripture"

Pastor Bohr has spent his life in mission service. Born of missionary parents, he has dedicated decades in ministry and Bible research. He is the President of Secrets Unsealed headquartered in Fresno, CA. His love for the Lord is the driving force behind his commitment to spreading the cutting-edge gospel message for these last days with clarity and power. Pastor Bohr’s theme: A More Sure Word of Prophecy is sure to inspire and strengthen your faith in these last days. 

Joshua uses the latest brain science and education research to pull back the veil on Satan’s attacks on our children, and to clearly reveal God’s methods of training and educating children. Joshua’s topic: Educating the Army: Preparing Earth’s Final Generation will equip parents and church members to prepare children to help finish God’s work on earth. 

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