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The Hour of His Judgment

(Stephen Bohr, CA Murray, James Rafferty, Eric Wilson, Milton tusk - 9 DVDs)

5-Speakers: Pastor Stephen Bohr, Pastor CA Murray, Pastor James Rafferty, Eric Wilson, and Dr. Milton Teske.

This series was presented at the Secrets Unsealed Summit. The presenters focused on various matters related to the investigative pre-Advent judgment that began in 1844 and will end at the close of probation. The series not only contains theological concepts but also practical tips for daily living in preparation to stand before the judgment bar of God. The series includes a Q&A session.

  1. Why a Judgment Part 1 of 4 with Pastor James Rafferty
  2. The Time is At Hand with Eric Wilson
  3. Three Interconnected Doctrines with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  4. Vitamin B12 with Milton Teske, MD
  5. Crossing Over with Pastor C.A. Murray
  6. The Three Stages of Judgment with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  7. Sleep with Milton Teske, MD
  8. Why a Judgment Part 2 of 4 with Pastor James Rafferty
  9. The Shaking? with Eric Wilson
  10. Like a Bride Adorned for Her Husband with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  11. A Call to Arms with Pastor C.A. Murray
  12. Elijah and the Kingdom of God with Eric Wilson
  13. Why a Judgment Part 3 of 4 with Pastor James Rafferty
  14. He Sits Before He Stands with Pastor C.A. Murray
  15. Q & A Session with all Pastors
  16. Stones of Fire - The Glory Restored with Eric Wilson
  17. Why a Judgment Part 4 of 4 with Pastor James Rafferty
  18. Living in the Day of Atonement with Pastor Stephen Bohr

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