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The Robe of Life

(5 DVDs)


  1. Weaving the Robe
  2. Claiming the Robe
  3. Examining the Robe
  4. Wearing the Robe
  5. Without the Robe

In this enlightening and soul-saving journey through the sanctuary service, Pastor Bohr explores its close connection to the robe of righteousness that Jesus provides and longs to give to each of us. Jesus wove that perfect robe, thread by thread, by daily resisting temptation in His sinless life as a Man here on this earth. His death on the cross to provide for us that robe would have meant nothing otherwise. His perfect life among us sinners was represented by the camp of the Israelites outside the sanctuary, where lambs without blemish were raised and chosen for sacrifices. His death was represented by the altar in the court of the sanctuary where each lamb's sacrifice was a type of the perfect Sacrifice which would provide the spotless white robe of forgiveness and covering of sins.

Pastor Bohr examines what the Bible has to say about the garments which clothe God and the angels and which once clothed Adam and Eve. He shows how they lost that garment of light, how a slain lamb's skin replaced it, how we all attempt to cover our spiritual nakedness by our own works in making substitute "fig leaf" garments, and what Jesus had to do to weave a robe sufficient to replace the ones the whole world has lost. Pastor Bohr clearly shows that what Jesus did by His life in the "camp" and His death in the "court", outside of the sanctuary itself, was freely provided for all, and no one is left out from that offer to give us the robe He wove.

Most Christians end the story there, but that is not all there is:

  • Did Jesus forgive everyone's sins at the cross?
  • How do we secure His robe of righteousness to cover our spiritual nakedness?
  • What are the "benefits of His atonement" that He makes available to us since He ascended to minister in the Holy Place in heaven?
  • How is Jesus' work on the cross and in the heavenly sanctuary compared to a bank deposit and withdrawals?
  • Are repentance, confession, and faith that works by love all necessary for the forgiveness of sins and for receiving the Holy Spirit?
  • Are these all a gift from God or can we produce them in any degree on our own?
  • How does baptism function in our changing of families from Adam's children into children of God?

Pastor Bohr then examines the parable in Matthew 22 about the man found without a wedding garment. He leads us in exploring the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary to see how the robe of Christ's righteousness fits in with the investigative judgment that is so clearly portrayed in this parable. Before Jesus is "married" to His church and can come again to take them home, there must be an examination of everyone invited to the wedding to see if their lives have lived up to their profession. If their characters and works do not show they are truly covered by Christ's robe, their names will be taken out of the book of life. Pastor Bohr shows how this parable, as well as the parables of the talents, the ten virgins, and the wheat and the tares, clearly demonstrate that the teaching many believe about being "once saved, always saved" is really a deception that lures Christians into the dangers of a false security.

Justification and sanctification must go hand in hand and we are not saved by one without the other. Jesus wants to live in us, not simply substituting for us. Jesus' bride "makes herself ready" by allowing His imparted righteousness to daily work out the principles of His law in our lives. This "fine linen, bright and clean, which is the righteous acts of the saints" (Rev. 19:7,8) must be put on her before He can come again.

Revelation 16:15 warns us in these last days that Jesus is coming back like a thief and we are to "watch, and keep your clothes on, lest you walk naked and everyone sees your shame". Pastor Bohr shows how this especially applies to the condition of the Laodicean church, which is counseled to "buy of Me white garments that you may be clothed" during this period of the investigative judgment.

This series will show you how to be changed into becoming more and more like Jesus, how to really hate sin, and how to receive His robe and wear it "without spot or wrinkle" in our daily lives as we prepare for the Bridegroom's return. It urges us to make sure not to be found without the robe, for "He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments and I will not take his name out of the book of Life" (Rev. 3:5).

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