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Reformation & Church History

The Spirit of the Papacy - A.T. Jones

(A. T. Jones - 32 pages)

The Spirit of the Papacy is an insightful Protestant work that exposes “from the Bible and history” the insidious, usurping pride of the papal power. Explores the fall of Lucifer, the spirit of self-exaltation, and the self-emptying spirit of Jesus Christ who is “meek and lowly in heart” (see Matthew 11:29). A warning to all about the danger of spiritual arrogance. A timeless classic from a pen dipped in truth. Written by Alonzo T. Jones

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Sisters in Arms

(Sukeshinie Goonatilleke - 244 pages)

Sisters in Arms

The Reformation was led by men like Luther, Calvin and Zwingli who revolutionised their world and ours. But there were also many remarkable women who defied social biases and traditions with a dauntless commitment to God’s Word. [Click for more info ->]

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