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Our Evangelical Earthquake

(Vance Ferrell - 224 pages)

The secret meetings that changed our church. Yet almost no one knew about them until it was too late.How it was done. Why it was done. How you can protect yourself and your loved ones from those changes.This book will provide you with a far more extensive, historical coverage of what happened than most of the many books and articles written on this subject.You are about to learn what led up to the Evangelical Conferences, the key events during them, the crisis at the Review Publishing house over the book, Questions on Doctrine, and the effect of those conferences and the book in the years which followed.In addition, this present book will tell you in simple words exactly which of our beliefs were changed, why they were changed,— and why you and I must solidly cling to our original historic beliefs.

  • The whole story, from 1941 to 2008.
  • The most astounding, even frightening chapter in our denominational history.
  • Hundreds of facts and source quotations.
  • How one man,not of our faith, was in charge of our doctrines for 34 years — with permanent results.
  • What actually happened, and how it dramatically altered our official church doctrines.
  • Eye-witness reports, documentary statements, 70 chapters, 4 appendices, and a complete time line.

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