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Early Writings MP3

(Ellen G. White MP3s - 1 MP3)

(narrated by Morgan Polsky)

Early Writings is a work of lasting and special interest to Seventh-day Adventists, for it embodies the earliest Ellen G. White books. These were written and first published in the 1850's for the edification and instruction of those who with the author had passed through the experiences of the Sabbathkeeping Adventists in the 1840's and the early 1850's.
In 1858, in writing of the sounding of the messages of the three angels of revelation 14, Ellen White deals with the experiences of those who participated in the work and draws lessons from these experiences, rather than giving as one might expect, a clear-cut presentation of the character of these messages.

In the opening paragraphs mrs. White makes brief reference to her conversion and her early christian experience. She tells also of hearing lectures on the bible doctrine of the expected personal advent of christ, which was thought to be near at hand. The great advent awakening was a movement worldwide in its outreach. It emerged as the result of careful study of the prophetic scriptures on the part of many, and the acceptance of the good news of the coming of jesus by large numbers of people throughout the world.

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