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Spirit of Prophecy

The Great Controversy - PB - 500th Anniversary edition

(Ellen White - 352 pages)

The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan. The lives and struggles of Christians through the Ages, and the crisis just ahead of us. The story of the whirlwind in earlier Christian centuries 'the story of why it came' the story of men and women who lived through it and died in it, to protect your Bible and your faith.

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Mind, Character, and Personality (Vols. 1 & 2 Set)

(Ellen White - pages)

Schools of psychology are variable and changing. Is there a reliable voice among the Babel of competing views? Yes. We believe that readers of this collection of guidelines on mental health will hear that voice in this collection. Written by one who was inspired by the Spirit of God, it offers faith-centered solutions to emotional and spiritual problems and points the reader to the divine Healer of minds and hearts. [Click for more info ->]

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Steps to Christ - Special 125th Edition

(Ellen White - 366 pages)

This book features the enduring Christian literary classic Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White, which has been translated into approximately 160 languages since its first publication in 1892. It is the most widely read work of its author, whose prolific literary productions are recognized as significant contributions to Christian literature of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. [Click for more info ->]

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Healing Prayer

(Ellen White - 31 pages)

That promise is the subject of this book. After offering a collection of pertinent biblical passages, Ellen G. White sets forth conditions for answered prayer and explains why God does not always say Yes to every request for healing. [Click for more info ->]

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Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen White

(Jim Nix - 96 pages)

Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen White is filled with stories that provide a fascinating look behind-the-scenes at the life and times of Ellen White. Some of the stories will make you smile; others will move you to tears; but all of them show that Ellen White was a very real person who chose to dedicate her life in service to the One she called, “My Father.” [Click for more info ->]

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Happiness for Life

(Ellen White - 61 pages)

s. White's classic work Steps to Christ is now available in a beautiful, engaging format for sharing. Complete with a Bible study offer in the back, this book is convenient for giving and sharing. Happiness for Life shows how to enter into a relationship with Jesus and experience His joy and guidance, and it offers help in the calm assurance that God is in ultimate control and very much interested in our lives.

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