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Disease and Its Causes

(Ellen White - 64 pages)

On June 6, 1863, Ellen White had her first vision concerning matters relating to physical health. In 1864 she made her first published presentation in the 38-page article “Health,” in Spiritual Gifts, vol. 4.

She and James White edited six pamphlets in 1865 entitled Health, or How to Live that contained articles from many sources and authors on health. In each issue an article entitled “Disease and Its Causes” appeared, in which Ellen White amplified the health message, sharing what she had been shown regarding the preservation and restoration of health. Although Mrs. White never requested the reprinting of these articles, they were republished between 1899 and 1900 in the Review and Herald. Those six articles are here reprinted in their entirety. The Appendix is a letter written in 1897 that relates to some of the issues raised in Chapter 6.

Note: the articles contained in Disease and Its Causes are the articles contributed by Mrs. White to the publications called Health, or How to Live. The contributions of her contemporaries and other authors to those pamphlets are not included in this volume.

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