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Special Testimonies Series A and B

(Ellen White - 250 pages)

Under one cover and re-types set for easier reading is a new edition of Completely unabridged text of Ellen White’s articles, but without the confusion of pieces of articles by other authors that were in the facsimile edition.

A series of 12 pamphlets, Special Testimonies, Series A, was published in the 1890s as counsel to our ministers, workers, and lay workers. Most of these do not appear in any other church publications. They deal with nearly every aspect of leadership, personal commitment, and responsibility, and encourage ministers and lay workers alike to keep their relationship with Christ alive in all aspects, and to lead wisely in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Some topics include: Personal devotions, the remedy for inefficiency, returning to the strength of our “first love,” various crises in the church, all aspects of care for our bodies, Christian courtesy, the true spirit of Jesus, principles of effective work, advice on giving sermons, education, stewardship, and many more. These testimonies are a real blessing to read, especially in light of past and current issues.

At about the same time, during the decade following the 1888 General Conference Committee, Ellen White sent important messages to the Central Church at Battle Creek, to the General Conference Committee, and to other responsible men at the heart of the work. These messages became known as Special Testimonies, Series B. They were timely messages for a tumultuous era, dealing with matters on righteousness by faith, the reorganization of the Church, the loss by fire of Battle Creek Sanitarium and the Review and Herald Publishing House, the apostasy of Dr. Kellogg and subsequent loss of the rebuilt sanitarium, the establishment of Loma Linda and multiple other sanitariums, and many other important pieces of our Advent history. The principles within these pages are as applicable today as they were when originally written.

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