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Spiritualism & New Age

Meditation, Mind and Spirituality

(Yip Kok Tho - 2 DVDs)

Eastern meditation is being promoted as Christian meditation by the progressive, far reaching and powerful "Emerging Church". Former Zen meditator, Kok Tho Yip shows the danger in how eastern meditation affects the brain and alters the mind, giving rise to a deceptive mystical sense of having discovered the divine within. 

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Australian Omega Emerging

(Operation Iceberg - 3 DVDs)

We are living in the end time of history. The ‘omega of apostasy’, as referred to by Ellen White, is increasingly prevalent in ecumenical worship practices. It is impacting Adventism. Being forewarned is being forearmed to identify it and respond appropriately when it comes knocking on the door of your church. [Click for more info ->]

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