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Amazing Disciples DVD set by Amazing Facts

(Amazing Facts - 4 DVDs)

Are you eager to do outreach but don’t know what to do or even where to start? Are you unsure about your ability to be an effective witness for Christ?

With the Amazing Disciples DVD set, you can now become an empowered, confident disciple of Christ and help win souls for His kingdom with these in-depth, winsome lessons from Pastor Doug Batchelor and the team at the renowned Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism!

With the DVD, you get more than ten hours of inspirational and educational video presentations, with proven, results-driven insight to help you and your church reach friends, family, and your community using Jesus’ method of soul-winning. 

These fast-paced presentations will help you …

Employ Christ’s method of evangelism from the beginning
Surrender yourself more fully to the Holy Spirit
Create a plan for a successful evangelistic reaping series
Reflect the love and caring of Jesus in your friendship evangelism
Use your own story to pique interest in others
Give Bible studies in a convincing and winsome way
Answer objections and gain decisions for Christ
Nurture new believers and reclaim missing church members
And more!
Whether you need practical steps to begin your journey as a disciple, or whether your entire church could use advanced discipleship training, this inspiring set from Amazing Facts will help grow your church like never before!

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