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Even at the Door Series

(Ingo Sorke - 4 CDs)

751: ReCreation: Everything in this universe wasn’t created by accident or as a byproduct of a big bang. Listen to this compelling lecture with Sorke to learn about the creation and ReCreation of our world. 

752: Make Up Your Mind: The dark has to come before the brightness of day. We must stay strong in our faith and continue following Christ through the misery so we can make it to the dawn. Do not turn away, but take another look, and, lo, a Lamb. When you start taking a look at Jesus, and truly behold him, it changes your identity. It changes what you do, and who you are. So make up your mind, choose Jesus, choose life, and behold the wonderful future in Christ. 

753: Red Light, Green Light: In this lecture with Ingo Sorke we will go through the Bible to learn about some of the red lights in Biblical times that slowed great men down from reaching their goals. Even when the light turned green and they were permitted to move forward, the transition from a slowed or stopped position to a moving one was very challenging for them. This presentation will show how God has a plan in mind and things happen according to His timing and His will, even if we do not understand it. 

754: The Great Divorce: This presentation with Ingo Sorke will include his life story and part of his testimony. What unique experiences led Sorke to Christ? As he continues through his story, we will delve into a Bible study of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Each section of these verses ends with the second coming of Jesus Christ. We will go verse by verse through this chapter and see why this part of the Bible is so relevant and so loved by Sorke. 

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