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Faith vs Finance

(Julian Archer - 1 DVD)

1. The Cross-eyed Christian: Stumbling after Jesus
Julian’s testimony, from a financially secure, but spiritually bankrupt, globe-trotting executive, to a born-again follower of Jesus Christ.

2. The Economics of Enough: Retirement & Inheritances
What does our net worth have to be before we can retire or start to increase our time working on ‘God projects’? When is enough enough? 

3. Heart Attack!: Don’t stop, it’s killing me!
We’ll learn about the secret ingredient that Nicodemus, Michelangelo and William Miller held in common. And we’ll hear the words of a prophet, and see the optical illusion, that turned Julian’s life right side up. 

Julian Archer is the author of HELP! I’ve Been Blessed! How to stop God’s blessings from becoming curses. Somewhere between joining the globe’s wealthy in the revered “1% Club,” and becoming spiritually bankrupt, Jesus knocked on the door of Julian's heart - again. Scrambling over the mountain of blessings that he'd piled up inside his heart, Julian pulled hard on the door handle, but it wouldn't budge. What now? 

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